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Meet The Devs



Owner, joined 10/27/2019
Hello! My name is Mari and I'm a 22-year-old live streamer, content creator, game developer, and creator of Rebirth of the Night, both the modpack and standalone game. Being tech-savvy in highschool, I took tons of computer science classes and eventually went to college for game development and design. I dropped out mid-way realizing college and the professional life wasn't for me, starting this modpack soon thereafter. I've always loved Minecraft since the beta days but soon found myself unable to play Minecraft without mods. I remember my favorite mods back in the day being Aether and Mo' Creatures. RotN is actually the first modpack I've ever played, let alone worked on. Sometimes I'm asked if I take any inspiration from other modpacks, and the truth is all my inspiration comes from other games, like Terraria and 7 Days to Die. My ambition and goal for RotN have always been to make a modpack that feels like its own game. I came to love the world, theme, and design of RotN so much that I decided to create a separate team to begin development on RotN: Standalone, which will be a first-person survival horror sandbox in the Unity engine, taking many of the same concepts and themes from the modpack. I have so much in store for Rebirth of the Night from modpacks (yes, plural), games, trailers, merch, and more. I hope you all join me on this epic adventure<3

Sandwich Horror

Lead Developer, joined 12/15/2019
Hey there, I'm Sandwich. I'm a man who's entirely too interested in fictional worlds and biology. I've been playing modded Minecraft on and off since 2011 and have enjoyed being a part of the community for this long. It was a real pleasure to find out there's a whole demographic out there who craves a harder, more grounded, more expansive, and more rewarding Minecraft experience, and that's just what I want Rebirth of the Night to provide. I've got a lot more planned for this pack and I hope you all stick around with us for the journey.


Developer, joined 12/11/2019
Hi everyone, I'm Lucas, but I go online by Foreck; age 23. I'm a simple man and English-Spanish Translation student, I also happen to be a hobbyist who enjoys videogames, anime and all of that, but most relevant here: designing gameplay elements, lore and art. Since I have memory, I've been playing all kinds of videogames from retro to modern, I got into Minecraft and modding as early as 2011; however, only as of late 2019 that I started to put effort into making assets for Rebirth of the Night once I found about its existence, since then, I've delved into quite a lot of aspects of modpack development, honing my skills at pixelart, making simple scripts, digging through code, socialising/reaching out to people of interest and contributing ideas and plans for both, RotN as a whole and standalone mods/resource packs.


Developer, joined 5/13/2020
Heyo, I'm Demo! Been playing Minecraft since 2019, and got into the modding community shortly after. I have about 4 years of Java under my belt, and I've worked on modding projects for the space exploration game, Kerbal Space Program. I've been an active contributor to the FIRST community, including both FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Challenge. I've also dabbled in the making of Discord bots. After hearing of Rebirth of the Night from some friends, I couldn't help but make some pull requests for the pack. Now I'm a dev coming along for the ride on the next big fork mod!


Developer, joined 12/3/2020
Hiya! My name is Landie, I'm an artist, modder, streamer, and passionate game dev. I'm also a speedrunner for various games, and tournament organizer for others. I've been pack developing in Minecraft for over 2 years on my other modpack "Vanilla Beyond", and I'm very passionate and able to provide some rather niche things to give packs that extra sense of standalone and polish! "Rebirth of the Night" has been one of the most ambitious and exciting packs I've ever worked on alongside other wonderful creative developers, and I can't wait to show what I've got in store for the future.


Developer, joined 2/2/2020
My name is Kompreya,. Age 34. She/her. I'm an artist, sapphic, and nerd. Growing up on rpgs and mmos, I've always had an interest building worlds for others to explore and enjoy. Between my talents and experience as a pack maker, world builder, and artist, I've been able to pour my ideas and passion into RotN.


Developer, joined 2/27/2021


Community Manager, joined 03/12/2020
Kilo. I just keep the lights on and the chickens fed.

Assistant Developers

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